About Camp David


Our life passion and mission is to assist broken people to restore their lives and relationships to a healthy and functional state.

We supplement our work with quality pragmatic education around life skills, coping mechanisms, self-awareness and wholeness, using tried and tested materials via a team of dedicated professionals.

We build confidence through coaching, mentoring, counselling and other therapies such as sport, music, work and group sessions. 

Our methods are challenging as we remove the disease logo from a suffering individual and place the onus of choice in their hands.

Recovery is a series of choices made by a transformed mind that depicts responsibility and maturity.

Recovery begins when the responsibility is taken for choices, and not blamed on others, circumstances or outside factors.

Important Factors in your Drug Rehabilitation Process include:



People who wage a daily battle with their substance abuse face many struggles and obstacles in trying to cope with their drug and alcohol addiction.

Those addicted to substances experience many negative consequences that severely impact their physical and psychological well-being.

For an addict who comes from a strong religious upbringing and background, the spiritual element of addiction is an added element that compounds their struggle.

While we offer the Heart of Addiction Course and the Celebrate Recovery 12 step program which helps address the spiritual needs of those addicted to drugs, it may not entirely meet the deeper needs of those who place tremendous emphasis on their faith.

Fortunately, those addicts who seek treatment with a stronger spiritual element can attend Camp David, men’s Christian recovery camp.

Our specific treatment facilities are an ideal option for those with a deeper sense of spirituality to pursue recovery from substance abuse. Combining traditional drug rehab services with a spiritual focus, makes Camp David the obvious choice.

Our Rehabilitation Process

Through the combination of courses, programs, therapy and counselling offered at Camp David, we are able to successfully take our members through a rehabilitation process that teaches them how to take responsibility for themselves and live life without drugs, alcohol or other substances.

The camaraderie, brotherhood and friendships formed during this process also teach the members valuable life lessons and ensure communication skills and social integration are addressed during the rehabilitation process.

Our goal is to ensure members experience and begin to live a disciplined and Christ centred life, that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Many of our previous members are successfully living life without drugs, alcohol or other substances, and are proof that this rehabilitation process really works. Our program has certainly helped these members overcome their problems and become healthy, productive members of society.